Arizona Cannabis Bar Association

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The Arizona Cannabis Bar Association is a voluntary association comprised of Arizona lawyers who have committed themselves to ethical excellence in  cannabis-related matters.

mission & vision

The Arizona Cannabis Bar Association supports attorneys in the ethical practice of cannabis-related law, through education and networking.


Jerry Chesler, Esq.
ACBA Director


The Arizona Cannabis Bar Association is an Arizona non-profit corporation, with a public mission of law education.

ACBA History

Alexander Karam, Esq.
ACBA Treasurer

Cannabis and civilization grew up together.  From being one of the first domesticated crops grown in the Fertile Crescent nearly 10,000 years ago, to positive references in the Judeo-Christian Bible, to Thomas Jefferson's own massive Virginia cannabis plantation, cannabis has been a useful and beneficial plant that has served mankind steadily and faithfully throughout recorded history.  It is my absolute honor and privilege to be a part of humanity's reawakening to cannabis and its myriad potential.  As an attorney, I am dedicated to helping our citizens discover the fourth cannabis subspecies, cannabis legalis.

Tom Dean, Esq.
ACBA Director and Vice President

Ike Devji, Esq.
ACBA Communications Director

Supporting the Legal Community That Supports Wise and Ethical Cannabis Law

Sonia Martinez, Esq.
ACBA Director and Vice President

Well, we are a 'new-ish' group, so we don't have much history yet.  But, we are winners of the Arizona State Bar President's Award, for our 2017 panel presentation on Cannabis Law at the Arizona State Bar Convention.

​Check out our award letter HERE.

Chris Marohn, Esq.
ACBA CLE Director

 - Gary Michael Smith